[Film Review] Ludwig (1973)

Ludwig poster

Title: Ludwig
Year: 1972
Country: Italy, France, West Germany
Language: Italian, German
Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Director: Luchino Visconti
Writers: Luchino Visconti, Enrico Mediolo
Cinematogrphy: Armando Nannuzzi
Helmut Berger
Romy Schneider
Trevor Howard
Silvana Mangano
Gert Frobe
Helmut Griem
Isabella Telezynska
Umberto Orsini
John Moulder Brown
Sonia Petrova
Folker Bohnet
Heinz Moog
Adriana Asti
Marc Porel
Nora Ricci
Mark Burns
Maurizio Bonuglia
Rating: 8.2/10

After “Death Of Venice” , this is the second Time I have Encountered Visconti, again its Self-obsessed protagonist captured me. I need more background information about Ludwig II, the mad king of Bavaria. But as far as this film, it solidify Visconti’s status of a unique director, a master of gilded resplendence.

The film has extravagant settings which could easily amaze everyone in spite of different backgrounds. I have to say only Visconti has this privilege as he has “blue blood” running inside his veins.

Ludwig is a proud black swan, noble and pure, maybe reflects the image of Visconti himself. His tragedy is that he is not suitable to be a king, he pursues art more than politics, and his homosexuality does offend some people. At his position his demise is destined and nothing he could do to avoid it, it’s so cruel to see how he suffers all the way, the ultimate death is the best way to save his dignity as a human being.

The film is almost 4 hours, I have to watch it separately, which helps a lot to digest it. And Helmut Berger is so vulnerable and convincing in his role as Ludwig, plus at that time he was also Visconti’s muse. I wonder how come he hasn’t become more famous as he unfurls a unisex fascination from this film even could defeat Alain Delon at his peak youth.

Watching Visconti’s film is a totally different experience from watching Antonioni’s. They both excel over each other in their own ways, by far I still can not figure out I like whose films more, need to see more films from both of them.


3 thoughts on “[Film Review] Ludwig (1973)

  1. Dear IsaacI am so happy that you can grasp the atmosphere of the film, being in italy! I think that the film's meaning could be understood almost completely by a non-italian, but the feeling in my opinion can be rushed in one's blood ONLY if this person has experienced Italy in some ways.Congratulations, I can see that you have this new blood in your veins.I suggest that you watch the other masterpieces by Visconti, and also – together – pasolini's "theorema", which, due to the presence of Silvana Mangano and of the plot, can be juxtaposed to Visconti's "Gruppo di famiglia in un interno".

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