[Last Film I Saw] All The Love There Is (2000)

All The Love There Is poster
English Title:  All The Love There Is
Original Title: Tutto L’amore Che C’e
Year: 2000
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Genre: Drama
Director: Sergio Rubini
Writers: Sergio Rubini, Domenico Starnone
Music: Michele Fazio
Cinematography: Paolo Carnera
Damiano Russo
Michele Venitucci
Francesco Cannito
Pierluigi Ferrandini
Antonio Lanera
Marcello Introna
Celeste Pisenti
Vittoria Puccini
Alessandra Roveda
Margherita Buy
Gerard Depardieu
Francesco Lamacchia
Antonio Tuzza
Rating: 6.1/10
Saw this film in the university, sadly without any subtitles, it is an autobiographic story of a young boy’s growing up among the boys who are older than him, the adolescence everyone has experienced involving sex (of course), friendship (really?), band (in an not so impressive ways), relationships, romance and parents.
That’s all, the privilege of the film is that it is director Sergio Rubini’s autobiography, otherwise with so many great preceding Italian films about adolescent teenagers, it makes one highly doubt the necessity of its existence.
However, it’s not a bad film, with its hippy-ever-after 70s outfits and several funny gags, it is not difficult to survive the 95 mins. But in the other hand, a question is keeping haunting in my mind, is this film worth my precious time?
I know maybe I take films a little bit seriously even this one doesn’t charge any money, I just try to think in a more professional way to distinguish what are the intentions behind each director, it there anything I can learn or feel empathy from each film, (optimistically) maybe it could surprise me (in a good way).
I like the positive title: Totto L’amore Che C’e. And the most memorable moment is Gerard Depardieu’s small cameo (with the white horse), and meanwhile the road accident near the end of film is really a useless cliche, why every story like this needs a tragic accident to impress the audiences and for fear that without which one could never call it a genuine growth!
I give it a 6.1/10 because even I criticize a lot, but deep inside my heart, I truly find some empathy from it, which gives the exact amount of satisfaction which I need from a film.

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