[Film Review] Katalin Varga (2009)

Katalin Varga 2009
Title: Katalin Varge
Year: 2009
Country: Romania, UK
Language: Romanian, Hungarian
Genre: Thriller
Director/Writer: Peter Strickland
Music: Geoffrey Cox, Steven Stapleton
Cinematography: Márk Györi
Hilda Peter
Norbert Tanko
Tibor Palffy
Roberto Giacomello
Melinda Kantor
Laszlo Matray
Rating: 7.2/10
The attractiveness of this film lies in its images not the storyline itself. As it is a simple story, a woman seeks revanche towards the man who raped her 11 years ago while bringing their 11-year-old son with her.
As a debut feature from UK director and writer Peter Strickland, I have to admit that this mini-budget film is amazing in its own way, for me I enjoy the bleak score hovering all over the film, sometimes it sounds more like a horror feature. Interestingly this is a Romanian film, with the new waves of eastern European films comes on strong recently!
Also the exotic feeling captures me all the way, I have no idea where the story took place, ambiguous timeline may suggest that it doesn’t matter, it could happen in any period of time. The narrative is sinuous at the beginning, after the woman killed the accomplice of the rapist, everything becomes clear, which also initiates a dramatic turn since then. I don’t intend to give away any spoilers. The script truly reflects a shadow religious implications, which is difficult for me to point out exactly what it is as my religious beliefs are still in a budding status.
Surely there is some flaws there too, as I try my best not to be a snob perfectionist, I notice that the film is a little bit voluntarily showing off its smug overtones of theatrical retribution. Nevertheless it is a brave film, manages to adopt a conventional story and change it into a remarkable adventure off the beaten track.
Katalin Varga 2009

3 thoughts on “[Film Review] Katalin Varga (2009)

  1. dearest Isaac,I definitely think that your future is in the movie critic. I can see that not only you grasp the essence of the movies, but your approach is sphisticated yet humble; this is so rare in a world where anyone who has a communication power, arrogantly expresses judgments and creates fortunes and misfortunes according to his/her whims.I would be so happy if you could comment on some oldies, such as Bette Davis "Now Voyager", a cult. I think that some works of art endure the years while others age quickly.a big hug

  2. Thanks! I am trying my best to smooth my English, and I always have mercy in my heart even you I look solemnly serious!

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