[Last Time I Saw] In The Loop (2009)

In The Loop poster
Title: In The Loop
Year: 2009
Country: UK
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Director: Armando Iannucci
Writers: Jesse Armstrong, Simon Blackwell, Armando Iannucci, Tony Roche
Tom Hollander
Peter Capaldi
Mimi Kennedy
Chris Addison
Gina McKee
Anna Chlumsky
James Gandolfini
Olivia Poulet
Zach Woods
Enzo Cilenti
Paul Higgins
Michael Rodgers
David Rasche
Johnny Pemberton
Steve Coogan
James Smith
Alex MacQueen
Joanna Scanlan
Rating: 7.1/10
If you haven’t watched this film yet, one sincere advice, take a deep breathe and prepare yourself for some explicitly nasty English verbal assault, as I watched it in Chinese subtitle, I intended to change the subtitle into English so I could take a good lesson, but finally I gave up the idea, which would surely do no good to me.
Politics films generally is not my cup of tea, I would rather choose a horror flick over it, however I do not want to be too captious as I take films very serious, also the sad fact is that politics are pervading everywhere, so at least I should sample some excellent ones among them, for example, this one.
It’s a quite rare political satire, full of witted remarks, the script should no doubt be listed first with bold and italic in its record of merits, even the offensive ones are entertainingly metaphorical, I am not surprised that it got an Oscar nomination of original script this year.
Interestingly this film enhances a strong anti-politics penchant towards viewers, it does empower me with more antipathy against politicians. War and wall, there is no differences of how to handle with them, the bitter truth is that no creatures with higher morality available on the earth could substitute human beings to take on the roles as politicians, also it is potential that the situation could be much worse than status quo.
The ensemble cast is strong, Tom Hollander is lovely and stupid at the same time as the ill-fated UK minister, Mimi Kennedy resembles a vivid Diane Keaton look, Gina McKee is low-key but impressive, younger ones (Anna Chlumsky, Chris Addison, Zach Woods) demonstrate preciously one true saying, politics is not for young people. Obviously the most prominent character is Peter Capaldi’s foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker (I don’t remember his title), an unforgettable performance which I think will stereotype him in the future (with “feces” flying all over I could literally smell his bad breath), the highlight is his conversation with James Gandolfini near the end of the film (I cannot hardly say it is a conversation though).
I think this is a political comedy suitable for all cinephiles, regardless of one’s taste of politics, it really intrigues me to watch Kubrick’s Doctor Strange, another reputable political satire.
In The Loop 2009

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