[Film Review] Bright Star (2009)

Bright Star 2009

Title: Bright Star
Year: 2009
Country: UK, Australia, France
Language: English, French
Genre: Biography
Director: Jane Campion
Writers: Jane Campion, Andrew Motion
Abbie Cornish
Ben Whishaw
Paul Schneider
Kerry Fox
Thomas Sangster
Edie Martin
Claudie Blakley
Antonia Campbell-Hughes
Rating: 8.6/10

Like the protagonist in VINCERE is not Mussolini, but his lover Ida Dalser, BRIGHT STAR’s backbone is Fanny Brawne instead of John Keats, the most amazing credit of this film BRIGHT STAR is that it [re]lights my passion towards poems (maybe RELIGHT is not accurate, as in this era, it is so difficult to sit peaceful and quiet while completely saving some time for poems). Neither Fanny or Keats are saints, it is Keats’ poems purifies their freckled characteristics, and successfully exerts an immense pathos on their love story.

Jane Campion finally recollects her most skillful talent to create an non-contemporary (please forget IN THE CUT 2003), 19th century scroll of a heart-wrenching story with a slow but poignant pace, gracefully shows us a romantic yet sentimental natural settings with costumes filled with relishes of that time (received an Oscar costume nomination this year).

The performance is definitely Oscar-worthy, especially for ABBIE CORNISH, here in BRIGHT STAR her portrayal of the Keats-addicted Fanny which reflects an analogue of CANDY (2005), in which she co-stars with late HEATH LEDGER, they play a contemporary drug-addicted young couple entrapped in a plight. These two roles are paralleling in different times. BEN WHISHAW is also giving a solid performance, owing to the fact that in I’M NOT HERE (2007), he has already interpreted a similar character (even thought he is a 1/6 embodiment of BOB DYLAN in that film), so strictly speaking, not too much excitement from he re-acted performance. Supporting casts including KERRY FOX and PAUL SCHNEIDER, both shine in their limited screen-time.

Call me sentimental, I have a huge empathy towards the story of Fanny and Keats, when love clashes with an irreversible tragedy, the powerlessness is powerful enough to destroy all other things.

Finally an ending statement, poet is a truly self-destruction profession, it’s not easy to be a poet, or his other half.

Bright Star 2009


One thought on “[Film Review] Bright Star (2009)

  1. dearest IsaacI dont think that being a poet (or a poet lover) is necessarily self-destructing. Actually I think that a poet is someone who continuously lives on earth as in the heaven, because in the poet's mind everything in neture has a reason to be and a secret life known only to him/her.And lucky is the one who shares a poet's mind… entering in the garden of Eden.I know that your mind is very pure and this is why, at the end, you always live in beauty and in goodness.

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