[Last Time I Saw] Heartbreaker (2010)

English Title: Heartbreaker
Original Title: L’arnacoeur
Year: 2010
Country: France, Monaco
Language: French, English, Spanish
Genre: Comedy
Director: Pascal Chaumeil
Writers: Laurent Zeitoun, Jeremy Doner
Music: Klaus Badelt
Cinematography: Thierry Arbogast
Romain Duris
Vanessa Paradis
Julie Ferrier
Francois Damiens
Helena Noguerra
Andrew Lincoln
Jacques Frantz
Amandine Dewasmes
Rating: 5.4/10
Saw this on the plane back to Shanghai aw well, I must say it is a little disappointing. First of all, the premise of how a heartbreaker works is a moot thanks to Romain Duris’ personal charm, otherwise it would be beyond persuasion.
Then when our precious Vanessa Paradis (Ms. Johnny Depp) comes on stage, merciless denies all her contemporary peers and creates a lingering repugnance all the way until the end.
The film is glutted with plentiful flaring elements, the hardwares are firm and impressive, but all bases on a good appearance only, it is a daydreamer’s romance comedy, and I was simply waiting for the final climax to witness the happy-ending and I guess both the director and writers had all given up, use a most irresponsible way to finish the film.
Actually we should not complain too much about Hollywood mainstream films as in every country, in order to catch as many eyeballs as possible, there are also tons of reckless domestic films, France, China, everywhere. This film’s huge box-office success shows that there are only shrewd businessmen behind it, if  some single-hearted filmmakers could participate, the film could be a highly enjoyable modern-day IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, of course in this case it happened in a week. Btw, the actors are trying their best to make the plot as believable as possible, not mention Helena Noguerra’s jaw-dropping performance as a true slut, who ironically is the female leader’s sole soulmate in the whole film.

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