[Last Time I Saw] Chloe (2009)

Chloe poster
Title: Chloe
Year: 2009
Country: USA/Canada
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Director: Atom Egoyan
Writers: Erin Cressida Wilson, Anne Fontaine
Julianne Moore
Amanda Seyfried
Liam Neeson
Max Thieriot
R.H. Thomson
Rating: 6.9/10
I happened to watch NATHALIE…(2003) a few years earlier, the French film directed by Anne Fontaine which Egoyan’s version is based on.  So the biggest plot twist has little affect to me, though he changed the ending to make the story subjected to a more wider audience, but shamefully became a faulty stroke as the intention is feasible as Egoyan simply failed to do so by rushing hastily to finish the film in merely 96 minutes, the intense climax should have been handled with more care instead of a banal fall-from-the-window kitsch.
One thing for sure is that the film is highly entertaining, for me it is a little bit surprised to see Egoyan has shucked off his auteurism wind coat to take on a mission for a more Hollywood erotic thriller/drama. Luckily his personal traits permeate all the way among the high-end aura, plus Toronto could never be more lovely in this film.
This gripping film virtually analyzes a sad-but-true paradox traps most modern married couples,  to question loyalty and sexuality, to recoup orgasm which has chronically waned away with one’s significant other. Although the intruder Chloe in the film is an extreme complexion, the thrilling experience has given me some goose bumps.
It is interesting to see Julianne Moore has been on her reborn trilogy to become a lesbian, from A SINGLE MAN (in love with a gay man),  now is CHLOE (time to kiss and have sex with a hot young girl and really like it) and finally THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT (yet to be watched though but her wife is Annette Benning, would it be scary?). Moore is superb to portrayal a vulnerable/desperate middle-aged wife which totally differs with Fanny Ardent in NATHALIE… (a typical Fanny Ardent). Seyfried is as delightful as an innocent angel in this film, her charm is truly irresistible. Neeson is marginalized, but solid as well (her wife Natasha Richardson died during the shooting, but I could never tell in his consistent performance, bravo!).
A closing remark: one could expect more from Egoyan with his swell cast.
Chloe 2009

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