[Film Review] Plan B (2009)

Plan B poster

Title: Plan B
Year: 2009
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Genre: Romance
Director/Screenwriter: Marco Berger
Music: Pedro Irustra
Cinematography: Tomás Pérez Silva
Manuel Vignau
Lucas Ferraro
Mercedes Quinteros
Ana Lucia Antony
Carolina Stegmayer
Ariel Nunez Di Croce
Rating: 6.4/10

I feel a little bit impatient during the not-so-long 95 minutes of this film, exactly speaking, it could be a 15-minute short film which would be much better in my opinion.

I have no intention to be a spoiler, but I’m rather thinking it scorn for the film to tantalize its audiences with all these lengthening fixed-long takes, which appears intermittently and defy audience’s tolerance (surely the director Marco Berger is not Bela Tarr, yet, but one thing is assuring, long-takes is a double-edged sword, unless you’re a renowned auteur, be careful when you wield it.)

Luckily, the film still owns it unique charm, the two leads’ natural performance deserves a thumb-up, their emotional trajectories are touching and the chemistry does arouse the pathos inside even if I feel it pretentious occasionally.

It puzzles me whether or not I should recommend this film to my friends, it shall work for gay demography and girls who love BL cultures, maybe someone who has yet been interested in the vagueness of a story love beyond sex orientation. As for me, I must admit I have just passed that periad.


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