[Film Review] The Social Network (2010)

The Social Network poster

Title: The Social Network
Year: 2010
Country: USA
Language: English, French
Genre: Biography
Director: David Fincher
Writers: Aaron Sorkin, Ben Mezrich
Music: Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross
Cinematography: Jeff Cronenweth
Jesse Eisenberg
Andrew Garfield
Justin Timberlake
Rooney Mara
Armie Hammer
Max Minghella
Rashida Jones
Denise Grayson
John Getz
Joseph Mazzello
Brenda Song
Dakota Johnson
Rating: 8.7/10

Definitely one of the best films of 2010 and currently is my No.3 of the year (slightly behind INCEPTION and THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, but No.1 on my 2010 Top 10 director list). David Fincher’s last film THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON (2008) is a major disappointment for me (though he has remained one of my favorite directors since 1999’s FIGHT CLUB). I feel exulted to see he will finally get his overdue Oscar for BEST DIRECTOR next year!

For me, at first I was rather pessimistic towards this project, the biographic story of Mark Zuckerberg is surely not Fincher’s cup of tea (considering SE7VEN, FIGHT CLUB and ZODIAC), without a dark premise, it could turn out to be another case like TCCOBB, bland and tasteless. Unexpectedly the opening scene between soon-to-be-dumped Mark and his still-present-girlfriend Erica is mesmerizing and the conversation is sagacious and witty (I did watch the scene twice), which immediately drew me into a status of devotion, especially under of foil of Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)’s arresting music score.

The acting is outstanding by a rather young cast, Jesse interprets a complicated role with his level-headedness and subtlety, at the time being, he is my No. 1 in the leading actor race. However Andrew Garfield’s performance is much more heartfelt for me (as I have seen BOY A, I am not surprised to witness how much potential he has under his charming appearance, plus he is the new Spider Man, I think he could beat Toby Maguire by a mile, as far as Oscar speaking). The unexpected novae are Rooney Mara and Armie Hammer, the former will soon appear in the US version of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (directed by Fincher as well) next year as the protagonist, she will be rocket-boosting like Noomi Rapace this year; the latter manifests himself to be a perfect candidate as the new superman. Shadowed by the others, Justin Timberlake is just okay, as least not too annoying (and sadly to find out he is aging too).

Almost everything in the film is flawless, the cinematography, the editing, the tempo, the cast, I am really appreciated this film to create a meaningful bitter-taste of becoming rich and famous at a young age, its practical significance could benefit many audience. Anyway I feel placid to see this film sweep in the coming Oscar, bravo maestro Fincher!

The Social Network 2010


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