[Last Time I Saw] Cairo Time (2009)

Cairo Time poster

Title: Cairo Time
Year: 2009
Country: Canada, Ireland, Egypt
Language: English, Arabic
Genre: Romance
Director: Ruba Nadda
Writers: Ruba Nadda
Patricia Clarkson
Alexander Siddig
Elena Anaya
Tom McCamus
Amina Annabi
Rating: 6.9/10

It’s another Lost In Translation (2003) story happened in Cairo, without any twist and turn, this essayistic flick patiently stews about 90 minutes, and perturbs our mind by the low-pitched performance by two leads.

Set in Cairo, a city I haven’t been yet but intrigues me in a fascinating way, I am prone to love the film since the first scene, there are no big conflicts in the film, a married middle-age woman meets a gentle and charming local man in an exotic place, they have feelings towards each other but the most intimate behavior between them is restricted to a courteous kiss. The whole process of how the two people fall for each other is the keystone of the film, the director/writer Ruba Nadda succeeds in maintaining a comfortable tempo for the spectators to enjoy it.

I am very impressed by Patricia Clarkson’s acting skills, she is one of the most underrated actresses of this era, finally she has got a precious leading role in her long career, it is astonishing to see a forebearing exposition of mental turbulence instead of showyness, her acting is subtle and touching, which is a perfect example of interpreting a charming woman who deserves to be loved and matures enough to control her sensibilities under the threshold of her criterion. She is cracking into my top 10 list of Best Leading Actress of 2009 without a doubt. Her counterpart, the unknown Alexander Siddig, also contributes his personal enchantment to build the romantic atmosphere convincing and even sympathetic.

As a chic flick about a renascent love feelings at the middle-age, I am content with the uneventful ending, we are learning from life at whatever age, she broke a promise to exchange an everlasting memory, the woman did know how to live a life!


3 thoughts on “[Last Time I Saw] Cairo Time (2009)

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