[Last Time I Saw] Never Let Me Go (2010)

Never Let Me Go 2010

Title: Never Let Me Go
Year: 2010
Country: UK, USA
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Mark Romanek
Writer: Alex Garland
Based on the novel of Kazuo Ishiguro
Music: Rachel Portman
Cinematography: Adam Kimmel
Carey Mulligan
Andrew Garfield
Keira Knightley
Charlotte Rampling
Sally Hawkins
Izzy Meikle-Small
Charlie Rowe
Ella Purnell
Domhnall Gleeson
Andrea Riseborough
Rating: 7.4/10

Adapted from the eponymous novel by Japanese-English novelist Kazuo Ishiguro, this idyllic sci-fi film deals with a post-clone era, sharing a similar backdrop from Michael Bay’s fugitive adventure THE ISLAND (2005), delicately depicts the dooming destiny of human clone creatures intwined by a slightly hackneyed triangle love story.

The pace of the film is slow rather than tedious, thanks to the enchanting score and graceful yet bleak cinematography, the chilly empathy infiltrates the whole film, indicates a pessimistic finale and indulges its viewers to dive into some indelible melancholy.

3 promising young British actors form the triangle, Carey Mulligan plays her leading role under a restrained cover to deliver a vivid impression as her inner confusion and depression of a clone’s life being solely a medical donor for genuine human beings; the new spiderman Andrew Garfield gives a heart-wrenching performance as the apple of her eyes, he is adorable with some resemblance of his role is BOY A (2007); Keira Knightley offers a brave turn as the interloper, a not-so-welcome character, I admire Keira’s courage to accept a supporting role for Carey (I recall in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (2005), it is Carey’s debut performance as Keira’s younger sister, who could imagine actually they are the same age?), what comes around goes around if you believe in karma, however the consequence is that unfortunately it didn’t turn out to be Keira’s breakthrough even though she had strove for it. The problem partly lies in the dialogues which are shockingly in lack of context, partly because the film set an unrealistic premise against common senses (a clear plot hole is that all these poor clones never fight or run away from their ill-fate, which doesn’t seem to be too difficult if one stick to what the film shows), so as to that I feel a little bit detached from those characters as time goes by. The same thing happens to Andrew and Carey’s characters too, the absence of a plausible annotation of their mental roaming injures the film deadly.

I admit the film is quite depressive, which limits its popularity and potential quantity of its groupies. In the name of a worldly-famous novel, it is truly a pity that with whose reputation the film fails to match, nevertheless, think about the bright side, it certainly intrigues those who haven’t read the book (myself, for instance) to chew on its original written material, which I assume will be more nutritional and gutsy.


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