[Last Time I Saw] The Italian (2010)

The Italian 2010

English Title: The Italian
Original Title: L’Italien
Year: 2010
Country: France
Language: French
Genre: Comedy
Director: Olivier Baroux
Olivier Baroux
Jean-Paul Bathany
Music: Martin Rappeneau
Cinematography: Arnaud Stefani
Kad Merad
Valerie Benguigui
Roland Giraud
Philippe Lefebvre
Guillaume Gallienne
Sid Ahmed Agoumi
Farida Ouchani
Saphia Azzeddine
Tarek Boudali
Nathalie Levy-Lang
Rating: 5.5/10

A French comedy about identity recognition, our protagonist is torn among being a French, an Arabian and an Italian at the same time, when it comes the month of fast, all his white lies begin to crack down.

Frankly speaking, there is skimpy of novelty in the whole film, the comedic atmosphere is a little bit bland, the twist-and-turn is hackneyed as if I was the mastermind behind it. But on the other hand, the film is a great pleasure to watch, you will not feel disgusted or uncomfortable, it is what I call an innocuous comedy, which is a suitable treat when the timing is that all you need is a light comedy to kill some time before bed.

Kad Merad now has become the byword of contemporary French comedic films, this time his acting smoothly spikes with a more personalized empathy, the struggle of coming out of the “nationality” closet towards his girlfriend, his family and his boss, conquering these three gigantic barriers.

P.S.: I learned quite a lot new information about Ramadan, Muslim and Jew (not totally by the film itself), but anyway, it’s always great to learn something new from films.


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