[Film Review] Love And Other Drugs (2010)

Love And Other Drugs poster

Title: Love And Other Drugs
Year: 2010
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: Edward Zwick
Writers: Charles Randolph, Edward Zwick. Marshall Herskovitz, Jamie Reidy
Music: James Newton Howard
Cinematography: Steven Fierberg
Jake Gyllenhaal
Anne Hathaway
Oliver Platt
Hank Azaria
Josh Gad
Gabriel Macht
Judy Greer
Jill Clayburgh
George Segal
Kimberly Scott
Katheryn Winnick
Rating: 6.1/10

The film is simply a rom-com wrapped with novel anecdotes of medicine realm’s monkey business. The consequence is that it looks fabulous but not consistent, the first half is interspersed with rapid editing and funny wisecracks, which help to establish a sardonic backdrop of Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, a man-child with an ambition; the second half slowly fell into a semi-hypnosis status when the relationship turns sour and a stuffy confrontation about responsibilities incurs inevitably, then even the two sexy leads have lost their charisma to lock our attentions on the screen.

The entire process looks like a premature ejaculation version of THANK YOU FOR SMOKING (2005) plus a well-worn happy ending after a unconvincing love confession. Thanks to the credible cast, the film escapes from being a disaster, Anne Hathaway strides bravely and charmingly on her way of be the next Julia Robert, however Jake Gyllenhaal’s panache style is squandered dramatically by exposing his rear over-frequently by too many sex scenes in the film.

Actually veteran director Edward Zwick is a bankable name in Hollywood, I have enjoyed his previous works like BLOOD DIAMOND (2006), THE LAST SAMURAI (2003) and LEGENDS OF THE FALL (1994). This time the attempt to connect with a younger generation through a slightly light comedy with many set pieces like viagra and Parkinson’s doesn’t accomplish its original purpose, maybe it is not his era to manipulate his skills in this domain anymore.

PS: An unexpected surprise is to see the late Jill Clayburgh on screen (unfortunately only one scene in the beginning), she is a great actress, truly overlooked. RIP in heaven!

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