[Film Review] Some Like It Hot (1959)

Some Like It Hot poster

Title: Some Like It Hot
Year: 1959
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Music
Director: Billy Wilder
Billy Wilder
I.A.L. Diamond
Music: Adolph Deutsch
Cinematography: Charles Lang
Marilyn Monroe
Jack Lemmon
Tony Curtis
George Raft
Pat O’Brien
Joe E. Brown
Nehemiah Persoff
Joan Shawlee
Barbara Drew
Rating: 9.2/10

It is quite an eye-opener for me to acquire that such a contentious sex-metamorphosis paranoia film could be made more than 50 years ago for the mainstream audience by the renowned Hollywood tycoon Billy Wilder, also sad to say, half century has elapsed, the evolution of mankind seems to be stuck in a halted mode.

Certainly the film must be a comedy, which Billy Wilder is the virtuoso, the story is designed with scrupulosity, the set of the two pairs exudes some wonderful chemistry, for instance, which is vividly showcased by the parallel scenes of furthering their relationships respectively in the middle of the film.

All the gags work swiftly and suitably at their occasions, the villain side was weakened to the lowest amount lest it would intrigue the audience a way too violent imagination, the “spat” stunt alone is capable of making the aftershock of the blood splattering all on the screen wane.

The truly hero of the cast is Jack Lemmon without any doubt as Tony Curtis’ role falls flat and Marilyn Monroe was definitely not at her best moment (even arguably her worst), Jack frictionlessly distinguishes himself with his quirky accent and exquisite lady-gestures, I could never imagine he was able to act as a woman with such an extended plausibility!

I haven’t watched too many Marilyn Monroe’s films, still, her pitiable role as a typical dim-witted blonde in the film interconnects her real life status, which could only leave me some earnest sorrow and compassion to her, and then it spontaneously coordinates flawlessly with the pitch of her role in the film, eventually it renders me an even stronger appreciation toward the film itself, which I bet Billy Wilder would never expected!

One little complaint is the ending seems too hasty although leaving us the popular wisecrack WELL, NOBODY IS PERFECT. I wonder how come there has been no sequel or remake of this masterpiece, which will serve as a timely final straw to this era, where the comedy sector has never been so barren and vapid as now.

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