[Film Review] Thor (2011)

Thor poster

Title: Thor
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Action, Adventure
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Ashley Miller
Zack Stentz
Don Payne
J. Michael Straczynski
Mark Protosevich
Stan Lee
Larry Lieber
Jack Kirby
Music: Patrick Doyle
Cinematography: Haris Zambarloukos
Chris Hemsworth
Natalie Portman
Tom Hiddleston
Anthony Hopkins
Stellan Skarsgard
Kat Dennings
Clark Gregg
Colm Feore
Idris Elba
Tadanobu Asano
Josh Dallas
Jaimie Alexander
Rene Russo
Adriana Barraza
Ray Stevenson
Jeremy Renner
Rating: 5.4/10

I don’t know it is only in China or not, the English version is 2D only here, the 3D version is exclusively Chinese-dubbed, I cannot figure out whether this maneuver is supposed to promote the 3D or 2D (a quite stupid one though), but I had no hesitation to choose the non-dubbed version (latter I would got some delightful news that the so-called 3D version is not worth the pennies).

As the starter of the summer Hollywood blockbusters here in China, Thor intricately possesses a singular trait, the actor-turned-director Kenneth Branagh had remained to be an odd option since he was announced as the man behind-the-wheel the this heavy-budgeted vehicle for all cinephiles. How the Shakespeare-addicted Kenneth could on earth create a marvel-labelled popcorn picture? Now the wait is officially over, I must say the outcome of this incompatible combo tastes quite bland.

Compared with other superhero-studded peers, Thor does look a bit shabby, the setting of the land of all Gods is mainly covered in a monochrome dark hue, which is nothing near splendid and in lack of any virtual existence, lavish but kitsch (3D glasses also cannot help). The earth set, on the other hand, the seediness is ubiquitously, no spectacular scene to satisfy my eyes, everything happens in a tiny desert town with a dozen of extras, running and screaming.

The essential bedrock of the film centers on the father-son battle, which is Kenneth’s stunt, but in a cartoonish way unfortunately, Kenneth may have exerted himself fully to balance the duel between money and art, however, in my opinion, he failed to achieve both.

As for the cast, Just as I expected, nothing noteworthy, the only two exceptions, alongside Sir Anthony Hopkins is Tom Hiddleston, who unexpectedly devoted a feminine but not campy exsistence as the villain Loki, however, this film surely doesn’t worth their talent. (Sorry, but I am intentional to leave out the new Oscar winner Natalie Portman here, I find her part might be the weakest amongst all).


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