[Last Film I Saw] Evil Under The Sun (1982)

Evil Under The Sun poster

Title: Evil Under The Sun
Year: 1982
Language: English, German, French
Country: UK
Genre: Crime
Director: Guy Hamilton
Agatha Christie
Anthony Shaffer
Peter Ustinov
Maggie Smith
Jane Birkin
James Mason
Sylvia Miles
Diana Rigg
Denis Quilley
Roddy McDowall
Nocholas Clay
Colin Blakely
Emily Hone
Rating: 7.1/10

I have watched another two notoriously famous works of Agatha Christie, MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS (1974) and DEATH ON THE NILE (1978), despite of three in a row, I could still enjoy this one to a great extent.

The distinction of a star-studded cast and an isolated milieu is too overt to be surprising, luckily enough the island itself compensates a mind-distracting delightfulness. Also it has been the third time around, so as that I am lucidly familiar with its plot design-pattern, the obvious target is farcically recognizable and the murderer is not so perplexing to guess, in addition that all the cartoonish characters attenuate the tone of the headlining murder, which I will recommend to those who usually are shunned by the murder/crime genre.

Speaking of its cast, I adore Maggie Smth, I am thoroughly enjoy her a touch over-the-top performance here, also Jane Birkin is magnificently multi-faceted (I couldn’t recall her roll in MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS though). Diana Rigg and Sylvia Miles are perfectly for their roles as bitchy, bitter, vanity bourgeois women. By comparison the equivalent supporting male cast is being eclipsed wholesale, of which even a renowned James Mason cannot avoid.

Peter Ustinov’s Pourot is cannily uncompromising with a sharp wit under the contrast of his chubby appearance (although my favorite is Albert Finney in MOTOE). I’m curious now Sherlock Holmes franchise has been resuscitated into somewhat bromance-cum-action flick, maybe it’s the right time for Monseiur Pourot to reestablish his name as a genuine detective mind versus a lumbering body, let wisdom rules again!


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