[Last Film I Saw] Wild Target (2010)

Wild Target poster

Title: Wild Target
Year: 2010
Language: English
Country: UK
Genre: Crime, Comedy
Director: Jonathan Lynn
Lucinda Coxon
Pierre Salvadori
Music: Michael Price
Cinematography: David Johnson
Bill Nighy
Emily Blunt
Rupert Grint
Rupert Everett
Eileen Atkins
Martin Freeman
Gregor Fisher
Geoff Bell
Rory Kinnear
Rating: 6.6/10

I was expecting another IN BRUGE (2008), but director Jonathan Lynn’s name is ominous as his only decent work is MY COUSIN VINNY (1992), unfortunately it is Marisa Tomei who stands out of the cheesy trope. Also I just find out this is a remake of French director Pierre Salvadori’s CIBLE EMOUVANTE (1993), which mandatorily attenuates its originality.

Mercifully, the film is almost as excellent as I could have ever imagined, its black-humour relish surpasses any slapstick baldness and the dialogue is wittily conceived, which satisfyingly turns out to be amusing and the atmosphere it generates dilutes partly the criminal tense, meanwhile keeps it in a bona fide British stew.

A quirky cast of all-British odd characters, branded in a distinctive UK hallmarks of leisure, stubbornness, machoism versus femme fatale, a grating Emily Blunt (yes, she does give a vibrant Katy Perry resemblance) might have done damage to the film, then a meek transition is arguably too strained

Rupert Grint doesn’t have too much melodramatic scenes, but his apprentice cumbersomeness suits him perfectly. A reverend Eileen Atkins steals her scenes in her minimal presences, Rupert Everett and Martin Freeman again testify the world that villains produced by UK are somewhat loony but likeable.

Bill Nighy, landing an unusual leading role here, is the unsung hero, whose deadpan eccentricity and self-imposed subtlety helps to carry the film to an echelon of being singularly feel-good, noteworthily to distill the platitude of the plot into a casually neo-noir comedy, indeed a rare-seen comedic performance.

Killer is a hipster profession often over-beautified by the film media, this one makes no exception though, the merit here is the nation-biased pleasure I am able to get due to being a complete foreigner!

Oscar 2010 - Wild Target


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