[Film Review] The Ignorant Fairies (2001)


English Title: The Ignorant Fairies
Original Title: Le fate ignoranti
Year: 2001
Language: Italian
Country: Italy
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Ferzan Ozpetek
Gianni Romoli
Ferzan Ozpetek
Music: Andrea Guerra
Cinematography: Pasquale Mari
Stefano Accorsi
Margherita Buy
Serra Yilmaz
Gabriel Garko
Erika Blanc
Andrea Renzi
Koray Candemir
Lucrezia Valia
Flippo Nigro
Luca Calvani
Rating: 7.6/10

It is such a delight to watch a gay-themed film which is not over-indulged in melodramatic sentiment and what’s more precious is that it innovates an authentic and positive gay community within to encourage more people to look on the brighter side of the world.

Ozpetek’s self-imposed gay identity opens a gate for us to see more scrupulously into contemporary gay communities, without the thwart of the religion, the social prejudice, the indoctrinated moral standards from family and friends. It manifests that sexual orientation is much of a choice rather than any mammoth title being forcefully added upon this minority group.

The film is epidemic to all kinds of demographic classes, gay/straight/bi-sexual, man/woman/transsexual, everyone could dip into it and acquire different nutrition which he/she needs.

The acting is generally agreeable, Margherita Buy as the female protagonist, manages an amiable appearance to elevate the inner intricate complexion of her character. Stefano Accorsi, on the other hand, is more an unsubdued opposed image to underline the other facade of Margherita’s role, a quirky chemistry could emerge between this two friend and foe (demonstrated by an explicit kiss scene where both try to find the scent of her husband/his lover), as a matter of fact, it is individual nuance matters here, anything else could not be exerted as a criterion anymore.

The Turkey-born director Ferzan Ozpetek’s skill hones to a new state after his debut STEAM: THE TURKISH BATH (1997) and LAST HAREM (1999), the milieu and the myriad of different characters develop an affluent emotional touch eventually (although most of them are underwritten as a sacrifice of the main storyline).

Anyhow, Ozpetek has established his fame and poise as the most promising contemporary Italian directors, his latest work LOOSE CANNONS (2010) will be my next object.

Oscar 2001 The Ignorant Fairies


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