[Last Film I Saw] The Class (2008)

English Title: The Class
Original Title: Entre les murs
Year: 2008
Language: French, Bambara, Spanish
Country: France
Genre: Drama
Director: Laurent Cantet
Laurent Cantet
Robin Campillo
François Bégaudeau
Cinematography: Pierre Milon
François Bégaudeau
Esmeralda Ouertani
Damien Gomes
Rachel Regulier
Wei Huang
Franck Keïta
Louise Grinberg
Eva Paradiso
Henriette Kasaruhanda
Fatoumata Kanteé
Anne Langlois
Vincent Robert
Jean-Michel Simonet
Rating: 7.4/10

This film has been put on my shelf for more than 2 years despite of its Golden Palm winning glory, one main reason is that its pseudo-documental style doesn’t have any appeal to me, and the locale of a public high school in Paris does feel distanced from me. After a fervent recommendation from some close friends, it sounds like a proper moment to finally watch this high-acclaimed opus.

One thing which without a doubt deserves its fame is the extraordinarily vigorous narrative to prop a non-stop 120 minutes merely through talking (teacher vs. students, teacher vs. other teachers or parents). The camera meticulously captures every disturbing moment of the confrontation and the subsequent frustration. It seems that each round students edge over the more pathetic teacher, until the final decisive battle comes, the sacrifice could only be the students, a mordant criticism towards the plight we have (a global one).

Education is the sheer pillar to a country and even to the entire human race, while in this film the attitude it holds is biased towards the individual discrepancy of the students rather than an accessible notion of how to solve the problem, which maybe a pipe dream by now, but at least to advice or adjust the educator’s basic professional qualities of how to dwell with the myriads of untamed young rebellions.

Every job has its own unique circumstance, I cannot say teacher is the most unbearably tough one, however as to me the film tries so hard to prove that the rotten core actually is hidden iamong the adulthood, as a human being who takes on teacher as his/her profession, who must be trained to be aware and prepared for the upcoming task they will face, otherwise it is a way too easy job to be entitled as THE MOST HONORABLE OCCUPATION IN THE WORLD.

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