[Film Review] La Cage Aux Folles II (1980)

Title: La Cage Aux Folles II
Year: 1980
Language: French
Country: France, Italy
Genre: Comedy
Director: Edouard Molinaro
Writers: Jean Poiret, Francis Veber, Marcello Danon
Music: Ennio Morricone
Cinematography: Armando Nannuzzi
Michel Serrault
Ugo Tognazzi
Marcel Bozzuffi
Paola Borboni
Michel Galabru
Benny Luke
Giovanni Vettorazzo
Glauco Onorato
Rating: 6.8/10

I am not purposely skipped the first instalment, just by coincidence, I could only found the sequel right now, soothingly enough, the omission itself does not spoil the fun of this French slapstick comedy made more than 30 years ago.

How many times one could laugh out loud watching a gay/transvestite film from beginning till the very end? What’s more precious is without being tainted by vulgar gags sand abominable antics (especially immune of sex-relating perversions or individual sex-orientation humiliations).

Plot-wise, although devoid of certain logistics, everything serves up to the middle-age crisis in this gay-relationship, particularly the deterioration of Zaza Napoli’s self-confidence (a remarkable performance from the late Michel Serrault), which wisely puts audience into a heartfelt milieu whereas the entire “mini-film case” merely functions as a backdrop, there is no worries about our protagonists’ personal security, the only gory murder is underplayed by a poison-dart.

 The odd-couple route stews in a series of set pieces which strive on the verge of platitude, yet the acting, literally Michel Serrault, does gamely and comically overturns the unfavorable condition, also who could forget Benny Luke’s transvestite black servant (who changes his dresses in each scene), whilst in the latter returning-to-Italy part, the contradiction is pure simple but effective, which leavens the situation into a more culturally universal understanding. Ennio Morricone’s score also is a big selling-point for the film

Overall, this super-optimistic farce (I suppose it includes the entire series, there are three films in all) could easily outshines among myriads of melodramatic-sentimental gay genre films even they were made several dozens of years ahead.


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