[Film Review] An Ideal Husband (1999)

An Ideal Husband poster

Title: An Ideal Husband
Year: 1999
Language: USA
Country: UK, USA
Genre: Comedy
Director/Writer: Oliver Parker
based on the novel by Oscar Wilde
Music: Charlie Mole
Cinematography: David Johnson
Rupert Everett
Julianne Moore
Jeremy Northam
Cate Blanchett
Minnie Driver
John Wood
Peter Vaughan
Lindsay Duncan
Simon Russell Beale
Jeroen Krabbé
Rating: 7.6/10

An Ideal Husband 1999

Oscar Wilde’s exquisite comedy/play, which is also a remake (after the 1947 version from Alexander Korda). adapted by Oliver Parker (whose filmography is noteworthy for other play-turned films such as OTHELLO 1995 and another Wilde’s masterpiece, the remake of THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST 2002).

I’m quite aware of my personal inclination over the glittering cast (a combo with British, American and Australian) may weigh down the intricate screenplay and laudable wisecracks, which turns out to be that it can effortlessly appease my expectations. As I haven’t read the original book, I assume it’s Wilde himself who should take most of the credit. On the other hand, the dexterity of Mr. Parker’s talent should not be overlooked.

The satirical overtone of the British milieu is undeniably gratifying judging by the taste of a foreign audience, all the twists thoroughly converge into the pyramidical outburst and unleashes a feel-good sensibility which is smooth but hasty, running at a length of a meager 97 minute, the sparks is penny-pinching.

One sure thing is that the competent cast manipulates a wonderful rendition against the sketchy arrangement, the first time of two of my goddess Moore and Blanchett star in the same film (a second time is a sadly under-appreciated THE SHIPPING NEWS 2001, in which they are two parallel lines), the magnificent good Vs. evil collision alone worths the ticket, Moore exquisitely exudes her elegant malignancies in each frame, dominates the entire picture under her grip despite of her not-so-packed screen time. And Blanchett, on the contrary, hides her lioness prowess and accomplishes an easier job as the forthrightly guileless Lady Gerturde Chiltern.

Another victory comes from Lord Arthur Goring, who is winningly played by a chiseled Rupert Everett, he is utterly suitable. But Jeremy Northam and Minnie Driver’s roles are tedious and uncanny respectively, forgive my taste and frankness, the latter falls short of appeal from any respect in my humble opinion.

I give the film an 7.6/10, a little generous one must own up, but one could not resist to bask in its pure charisma from the dynamic verbal battles, especially in a language which I am learning to appreciate day by day.

Oscar 1999 - An Ideal Husband



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