[Last Film I Saw] Oceans (2009)

Oceans poster

Title: Oceans
Year: 2009
Language: Chinese (dubbed)
Country: France, Switzerland, Spain
Genre: Documentary
Jacques Perrin
Jacques Cluzaud
Christophe Cheysson
Jacques Cluzaud
Laurent Debas
Stéphane Durand
Laurent Gaudé
Jacques Perrin
François Sarano
Music: Bruno Coulais
Cinematography: David Reichert
Jiang Wen 姜文
Lancelot Perrin
Rating: 6.6/10

I harbored a certain higher expectation to watch the film in the local cinema on account of that the ticket was rather difficult to obtain (I had tried a third time to finally have attained the ticket for a day after), also in China, it’s not so usual that a documentary could enjoy a long-run success in the cinema (a steady augmentation weekly).

The screen was a generic 2D without IMAX, which should be a perfect option for the sake of the ocean grandeur, and the premise was appealing and epiphanic, I was immediately captured by the beauty of nature and was downrightly ready to immerse myself into an eye-opening voyage.

Then bit by bit I noticed that there were not quite a chunk of eye-opening creatures there, having a biological background, I must admit few are beyond my knowledge and the which was worse that it hardly jumped out of the remit of the national geography channel, plus the covering realm is way too large for a single feature, so every time I had grown my interest and attention to the specific specie, the subject leapt to another one at once, so after several rounds, my feeling of indigestion caused a sense of fatigue. I cried out loud inside that please linger a little bit longer! Nevertheless, the vastness of oceans is a mission impossible to conquer, a deeply sincere summoning of saving-the-world is banal but at least well-intentional (the cruelty of net-harvest and procuring of shark fins is manipulative but intensely appalling.

Visually jaw-dropping, the effort behind the team alone does a spate of standing ovations! I emphatically admire what a mammoth patience and audacity human beings could achieve!


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