[Last Film I Saw] Loose Cannons (2010)

English Title: Loose Cannons
Original Title: Mine vaganti
Country: Italy
Year: 2010
Language: Italian
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Ferzan Ozpetek
Ivan Cotroneo
Ferzan Ozpetek
Music: Pasquale Catalano
Cinematography: Maurizio Calvesi
Riccardo Scamarcio
Nicole Grimaudo
Alessandro Preziosi
Ennio Fantastichini
Lunetta Savino
Ilaria Occhini
Bianca Nappi
Carmine Recano
Massimiliano Gallo
Paola Minaccioni
Gianluca De Marchi
Mauro Bonaffini
Giorgio Marchesi
Daniele Pecci
Carolina Crescentini
Rating: 7.6/10

Juxtaposing with other Ozpetek’s films I have watched (chronically STEAM: THE TURKISH BATH 1997, LAST HAREM 1999, THE IGNORANT FAIRIES 2001, FACING WINDOWS 2003, SATURN IN OPPOSITION 2007), this time Ozpetek is palpably much smoother and more effortless to deal with his gay-oriented hallmark, shunning from all the melancholy and narcissism most homosexual films shamelessly over-exploit.

This film is struggling to overthrow FACING WINDOWS from the crown of my favorite Ozpetek’s work (I do need a fresh re-watch of STEAM though). I do not dare to spoil anything here, one prominent astonishment comes at the near end, when the camera fluidly couples with different times, emanates a wonderful visual and spiritual poignancy which exactly one would love to experience from watching a decent film!

The cast may not be perfectly splendid, but every character is worth of some acknowledge for its ensemble undertaking, in particular for Ilaria Occhini (the grandmother in the film), a royal poise exuding from her own dignity, which counter-balances the dramatic banality of the coming-out-of-the-closet plight (namely a shade abominable presence of Ennio Fantastichini). Our leading man Riccardo Scamarcio (from THREE STEPS OVER HEAVEN 2004) may be in lack of a certain gay temperament as the chemistry between him and an irresistibly alluring Nicole Grimaudo is way more tangible here.

The comedy part in the film is somewhat showy but properly amusing; the intermittent interruption of grandma’s marriage is adorably empathetic, also I cherish the balmy score (from Pasquale Catalano) and the moot ending which insinuates a positive perspective of the philosophy of our beings.

The blatant snub of 2010 Davide di Donatello awards (only one nomination for BEST MUSIC) is atrociously staggering in my opinion, but it will not stop Ozpetek from coming to be among the most promising virtuoso in the contemporary Italian cinema.

Oscar 2010 - Loose Cannon


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