[Last Film I Saw] Real Steel (2011)


Title: Real Steel
Year: 2011
Language: English
Country: USA, India
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Director: Shawn Levy
John Gatins
Dan Gilroy
Jeremy Leven
Music: Danny Elfman
Cinematography: Mauro Fiore
Hugh Jackman
Dakota Goyo
Evangeline Lily
Anthony Mackie
Kevin Durand
Hope Davis
James Rebhorn
Olga Fonda
Karl Yune
Rating: 7.3/10

I haven’t watch the two of the TRANSFORMERS trilogy and barely revels in the first installment, so much so that I am no fan of robots righting, that’s the reason I strongly doubted whether this mini-version of would be my cup of taste, I hadn’t been motivated after seeing its theatrical trailer either. Who knows when fate (disguised as the timetable of the Paradise Cinema here) decided I have to watch it, I just go with it!

How does my zero-expectation journey turn out? It is definitely not a spin-off of Michael Bay’s idiotic metal collisions, REAL STEEL has provided its audience some bona fide fun and a roller-coaster emotional voyage. Literally the film centers on the recuperation of the long–distant father-son relationship, the re-ignition of a former boxer’s combative zeal for life, sounds corny? yes! But the maneuver is smart (a premature cute young boy versus his robustly rookie father, which the conflicts and warmth within are always gratifyingly welcome among family audiences).

I feel much solace that the robot gambit did not steer the film to an A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE mode of humanizing the steel machine as director Shawn Levy (whose previous work includes DATE NIGHT 2010 and NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 1&2) is neither Spielberg (although he is the producer) nor Kubrick, the sole exception is the scene before the final battle, when Robot Atom is looking at the mirror inside the waiting room, as if Atom has the edification of transforming into a real flesh, which is the most heartrending moment for me and it hits my soft spot.

The CGI robots’ verisimilitude is astonishingly precise to detail, which is absolutely adrenaline-driven but at the same time doesn’t hurt the plot too much. A great revelation here is the birth of another teen-star, Dakota Goyo, who is unequivocally stealing everyone else’s glamor and delivers his debut unbelievably compelling in a major Hollywood film.



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