[Last Film I Saw] Mary Poppins (1964)

Title: Mary Poppins
Year: 1964
Language: English
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy, Musical, Family
Director: Robert Stevenson
Bill Walsh
P.L. Travers
Don DaGradi
Music: Irwin Kostal
Cinematography: Edward Colman
Julie Andrews
Dick Van Dyke
David Tomlinson
Glynis Johns
Karen Dotrice
Matthew Garber
Elsa Lanchester
Arthur Treacher
Ed Wynn
Hermione Baddeley
Reta Shaw
Rating: 7.4/10

I am constantly musing on why musicals generally cannot instigate my appetite, my favorite ones include MOULIN ROUGE! 2001 and CHICAGO 2002, while the missing link is the more vintage ones, so yesterday I conquered another musical classics MARY POPPINS (1964), and the afterthought comes with an equivocal feeling, I think one major drawback fends me off against musicals is that I am so accustomed to the narrative intensity of films notwithstanding that we are aware they are all fictional, thus when episodic singing and dancing interrupts, I cannot help but enjoy it like watching a show or MTV, which could be palatable for one time maybe, but an entire feature-length musical is not something I intend to assimilate.

MARY POPPINS is hardly an exception but at the same time it is too cute and bewitchingly edifying to dislike, it had also been a sensational triumph hark back to its time, what admiring is also the avant-garde technology in the film industry per se, the mash-up of real people and the animation, is my favorite and the dancing sequences of the chimney workers is such a scene without tainting its fame after more than half a century.

After all it’s a family film which I may have watched it belatedly and the cartoonish characterizations are outmoded, still its overwhelming victory in the Oscars (5 wins including a BEST ACTRESS win for the novice Julie Andrews) is too merciful for the film, for nowadays it is quite impossible to imagine a family-film could sweep like that, actually I think Dick Van Dyke’s strenuous effort merits more applause indeed!


6 thoughts on “[Last Film I Saw] Mary Poppins (1964)

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