[Film Review] Gosford Park (2001)

Gosford Park poster

Title: Gosford Park
Year: 2001
Language: English
Country: UK, USA
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Director: Robert Altman
Writer: Julian Fellowes
Music: Patrick Doyle
Cinematography: Andrew Dunn
Kelly Macdonald
Maggie Smith
Ryan Phillippe
Emily Watson
Clive Owen
Helen Mirren
Kristin Scott Thomas
Alan Bates
Michael Gambon
Tom Holllander
Eileen Atkins
Richard E. Grant
Derek Jacobi
Camilla Rutherford
James Wilby
Jeremy Northam
Claudie Blakley
Jeremy Swift
Bob Balaban
Stephen Fry
Charles Dance
Natasha Wightman
Sophie Thompson
Laurence Fox
Trent Ford
Geraldine Somerville
Rating: 9.1/10

No doubt GOSFORD PARK is Robert Altman’s pinnacle and one of my apple-of-the-eye for all-time, so this has been my third time watched it, after a roughly 5-year-interval, and it prompts to me how miraculously ample the characters are, each time, for me, as though I was watching a pristine one. (It seems that I must pick up DOWNTOWN ABBEY now, I have a sweet tooth for period English dramas, I guess).

The kaleidoscopic potpourri of characters upstairs and downstairs in a 1930’s British villa assemble an impeccable imagery of a disgraced bourgeois shallowness, which is also suffered under the lash for its snobbism and in lack of artistic appreciation. The film is incisive in every possible way to functions a systematic and absorbing participation for its devotees to immerse in its 140 minutes running time and refreshingly procure something new with recurrent viewings without feeling a shade insipid.

The cast is overpoweringly excellent, both individually or collectively (the prowess of Altman to rein the hodgepodge dramatic personae is without peer), my personal favorites are Mirren, Watson, Smith, Gambon, Macdonald and Bates (ranking according to my preference and all in my current year top 10 list). I also love the idea of putting the murder case into a secondary priority, since it is far from any Agatha Christie’s detective story, every character hides their respective secrets inside and it is for the fun of audience to be prudent and fascinating by the story itself , which I consider is the paramount achievement any director and his team could ever offer.

I cannot admit myself to be an utter zealot of Altman’s work, for example, MASH (1970) I really cannot enjoy, but I make a promise to watch the film for a fourth time, I’m not sure when, maybe another couple of years, anyway, the film is in the top rank of my guilty pleasure list.

Oscar 2001 - Gosford Park

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