[Last Film I Saw] Sneakers (2011)

English Title: Sneakers
Original Title: Kecove
Year: 2011
Language: Bulgarian
Country: Bulgaria
Genre: Drama, Adventure
Ivan Vladimirov
Valeri Yordanov
Writer: Valeri Yordanov
Music: Kiril Dobrev
Cinematography: Rali Raltschev
Phillip Avramov
Ivo Arakov
Ivan Barnev
Vasil Draganov
Marian Valev
Valeri Yordanov
Iva Gocheva
Ina Nikolova
Rating: 6.5/10

Saw this film in the Bulgarian film festival a couple of days ago, possibly my very first Bulgarian-originated film ever. It is a superbly well-crafted adventurer of 6 strange youngsters congregate at an unknown beach near Sofia and experiences their carefree indulgence with the nature and rediscover a rite-of-passage in their respective inner journey.

The film, elaborates magnificently a repressive malaise in the city in the beginning, especially with the ferocious tendency towards violence and unjustness. When the sea beach scenario pops up, the backbone of the story finally emerges, a stint of aimlessness is palatable but some interrupting fly-on-the-fall interviews on each character distract the somewhat weary idleness of the hedonistic rapture on the beach.

A looming mishap is indomitably approaching, all frolic is doomed to be ephemeral, nevertheless the would-be THELMA & LOUISE (1991) ending curbs within a detour to an unrealistic escapism, which in my opinion points up an inconvenient situation of the downhill of a lost youth peer group, and it’s not provincial, it’s global. The final scene holds the stance of being drolly whimsical and a shade poignant simultaneously.

The 6-packed cast is favorable in depicting an evocative harmony and the standouts are a tomboyish Marian Valev and the co-director-writer-actor of the film Valeri Yordanov, an intimidating look at first sight, but witty and cordial inside, which convincingly breaches the stereotype of skinheads and tattooers.

Visually abundant, this film carries an audience-favored narrative and avoids melodramatic cliches to depict the otherwise easily hoarse mutual attractions among characters. It obtained an avid round of applause after the screening, and it was an indeed pleasure for me to fetch an opportunity to watch something recommendable from countries lesser known for their film productivity.

Oscar 2011 - Sneakers



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