[Last Film I Saw] The Losers (2010)

the Losers poster

Title: The Losers
Year: 2010
Language: English
Country: USA
Genre: Action, Crime
Director: Sylvain White
Peter Berg
James Vanderbilt
Andy Diggle
Music: John Ottman
Cinematography: Scott Kevan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Zoe Saldana
Chris Evans
Idris Elba
Columbus Short
Óscar Jaenada
Jason Patric
Holt McCallany
Rating: 4.1/10

How bad this comic-strip spin-off action film from Hollywood hacks could be? At least it’s not repellent, or maybe just a tad, thanks to the former rising star Jason Patric’s embarrassingly frivolous interpretation of the villain (“no one remembers SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL 1997?”), even Keanu Reeves is ruthlessly sidelined by a younger generation, much less this would be a welcome comeback for Mr. Patric.

As long as comic books are still resting comfortably in my cluelessness zone, I have no penchant to be misguided by the popularity of the original material. The film is plainly a disastrously planned revenge story by a bunch of rogue CIA op teams, an upgraded version of the ever-so-similar genre best remembered in 1980s’ B-grade video market where action hunks strive for a mainstream cheque. So now a few decades has passed by, it’s frustrating to admit the gimmick in this film is way lagging behind its time.

The film is also in shortage of any potential to become a cult classic, with well-conceived corny procedures, the adrenalin level is always beneath the threshold, maybe a wiser alternative is just flipping through the trailer where the marrows are all there (such as the reckless finger-shooting from a pre-Captain American Chris Evans), thus saving a great amount of glazed-over time.

The over-saturated color shade is a tint of eyeball-irritating, and the cast itself doesn’t seem to care too much about the film as well, maybe the only one who benefits from it is a further career-leap for Zoe Saldana, who has made a decent preparatory warm-up for her heroin formula with the likes of COLOMBIANA (2011), a black version of Angelina Jolie in the action ilk is more than just to meet the eyes, also to pitch-perfectly meet the demanding market.


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