[Last Film I Saw] Cocoon (1985)

Title: Cocoon
Year: 1985
Language: English
Country: USA
Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy
Director: Ron Howard
Tom Benedek
David Saperstein
Music: James Horner
Cinematography: Donald Peterman
Wilford Brimley
Don Ameche
Hume Cronyn
Steve Guttenberg
Brian Dennehy
Maureen Stapleton
Jessica Tandy
Gwen Verdon
Jack Gilford
Herta Ware
Tahnee Welch
Barret Oliver
Linda Harrison
Tyrone Power Jr.
Rating: 6.2/10

An E.T. fairytale for the elderly with a rejuvenating therapeutic gambit for visual and subconscious entertainment and a belated fulfillment to slam the ageism towards the senior.

Setting against a Sci-Fi backdrop, the special effects might not be cutting-edge even at its time (in a post-STAR WARS era, it is an insurmountable pinnacle, the same could be deduced now are in a post-AVATAR era), but serves benevolently to entice the concentrations and unleash a wacky but improbable plot of the expedition to the mystifying eternal longevity. The extra-congenial extraterrestrial Antareans are merely a wishful thinking, as human behavior has no exception will spoil their plan to rescue their companions sooner or later, their counter-behavior is inexplicably dumbfounded to be taken seriously.

The film has locked two Oscars, one for the visual effects, another is an utterly surprising Best Supporting Actor win for Don Ameche (whose pivotal showcase is a stupendous street-dance stunt in the film, apart from which there is scant room for him to testify his flair), which could be divined that it is no more than an acclaim to the film’s pandering penchant for the demography as most academic members are over-50 white male, this film might help them to mitigate the fear of aging uselessly and hopelessly. Anyway the entire prestigious cast has stuck together to make the indulging fantasy more refreshing than off-putting, ironically the film itself has not aging too well, unlike the characters in the sanitarium, after a minimal 27 years span, it seems that the film backfires on Ron Howard and the team behind it, who in my opinion is an excellent Hollywood hack than a venerable filmmaker.


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