[Film Review] Brotherhood (2009)

English Title: Brotherhood
Original Title: Broderskab
Year: 2009
Language: Danish
Country: Denmark
Genre: Drama
Director: Nicolo Donato
Nicolo Donato
Rasmus Birch
Music: Jesper Mechlenburg
Cinematography: Laust Trier-Mørk
Thure Lindhardt
David Dencik
Nicolas Bro
Morten Holst
Hanne Hedelund
Lars Simonsen
Anders Heinrichsen
Jon Lange
Rating: 7.8/10

A gay romance happening inside a Danish Neo-Nazi clique, what a crack idea! The film intriguingly narrates a compassionate experience of a former Danish serviceman Lars (Thure Lindhardt, the winsome blond from ANGELS & DEMONS 2009), whose passionate courtship with Jimmy (superbly played by David Dencik from A SOAP 2006, another film from Denmark, a frenzy macho role sheerly contrasts with his transsexual image in the latter film), who is the fervent skinhead among a gay-bashing Neo-Nazi group. (Speaking of Nazism, my downright ignorance thwart me from the knowledge of how exact the film tackles with the thorny issue, judging by the film, it is basically understated I suppose).

There are abundant cinematic conflicts in the plot, although predictable, but applied deftly (by a poignant performance from the two leads and a fine-tuned handheld camera movement, it never cease trembling). An exemplary northern Europe topography and scenario imbues an obscure hue of cruelty and restlessness.

The performances are solid (Morten Holst, who plays Jimmy’s younger brother, might be a tad histrionic), both the chemistry between two lead actors and the impending tragedy are brewed perfectly on time and the sex scenes are aesthetically beguiling. More encouraging, the film doesn’t take either stand to beautify or disparage the Neo-Nazi image, while love happens everywhere, so does gay love. An ambiguous deus ex machina aptly averts any cliche in the over-exploited gay-theme melodrama sub-genre although melodramatic might not be a meritorious adjective for a film under the background of a sternly violent context, but also demystifies the remotely tangible target to a humane understanding and transmits a positive message to the preconception-ridden society.

Oscar 2009 - Brotherhood

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