[Film Review] It’s Complicated (2009)

Title: It’s Complicated
Year: 2009
Language: English
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director/Writer: Nancy Meyers
Music: Hans Zimmer, Heitor Pereira
Cinematography: John Toll
Meryl Streep
Alec Baldwin
Steve Martin
John Krasinski
Lake Bell
Hunter Parrish
Zoe Kazan
Caitlin Fitzgerald
Rita Wilson
Alexandra Wentworth
Mary Kay Place
Emjay Anthony
Nora Dunn
Rating: 6.0/10

I intentionally gave this film a miss as I have a hunch it is not my cup of tea after Nancy Meyers’s previous THE HOLIDAY 2006 is so tepidly stale, which has offset all the asset which radiates from SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE 2003. Then after a dense series of Febiofest cinema attending, I was crying out for a light comedy, even a middle-aged chick flick and there is Meryl Streep, what’s the worst that could happen?

With a preconceived idea that she is too smart for the dumber role she portrays in the film, finally there is a film even the omnipotent Meryl Streep could not save (entirely).

Although everything in the film is too high-class to be realistic for ordinary divorced ugly-ducklings, It’S COMPLICATED seems to tell us that the complexity is not because it encompasses a classic love-triangle plight, but the true fountainhead lies within a woman’s volatile strain of her emotions, which capriciously spawns doubt, sentiment and other spin-offs, which also are the staples of what is made of a woman, an advice to heterosexual men, unless you have a master degree in femininity, you will never completely understand a woman, the only feasible alternative is to set your own threshold bar there and find one which could match the criterion and endure everything hereafter. It may sound pungent, but judging by the information the film is spreading, it is what I get from my 2 hours therapy time.

Meryl Streep is in her best shape considering her actual threescore age and taking on a leading role in a successful rom-com, a miracle will not repeat itself (though Diane Keaton went further in SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE, with a Oscar nomination!), but her character is constantly in a stasis of self-denying and playing hard-to-get, which hamstrings her from presenting some full-blown range of her knack to jostle with her two co-stars an almost 10-year-old younger Alec Baldwin (an immature boyish man in his fifties with a doggy pretentiousness) and a Botox-wrecked comedian Steve Martin (whose static forehead and creepily synthetic smile may curtail his subsequent career, he and Renee Zellweger may share more common topic!).

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