[Last Film I Saw] American Reunion (2012)

Title: American Reunion
Year: 2012
Language: English
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Jon Hurwitz
Hayden Schlossberg
Jon Hurwitz
Hayden Schlossberg
Adam Herz
Jason Biggs
Chris Klein
Seann William Scott
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Eddie Kaye Thomas
Alyson Hannigan
Tara Reid
Mena Suvari
Ali Cobrin
Dania Ramirez
John Cho
Jennifer Coolidge
Eugene Levy
Katrina Bowden
Chuck Hittinger
Jay Harrington
Natasha Lyonne
Shannon Elizabeth
Charlene Amoia
Kim Wall
Vik Sahay
Neil Patrick Harris
Rebecca De Mornay
Chris Owen
Rebecca Field
Rating: 5.7/10

Nearly a decade later, this orthodox fourth installment of AMERICAN PIE shuffles along with a reunion gimmick which encompasses almost exactly the same gags and repellent discomforts as in its groundbreaking first episode came around 1997, which makes one wonder the audience’s laughing threshold is still on the par with the level 15 years ago.

There are ample laughters from A to Z, no one-liner or wisecrack, mainly generated by risqué pranks and lecherous sex-related pratfalls. I cannot deny that I had a great laughter while committing to the moment, but a post-mortem self-reflection does leave no trace of anything is worth chewing.

The entire cast has returned with new blood like Ali Cobrin, Katrina Bowden and Jay Harrington, but the highlights belong to doyens like Levy and Coolidge, also Rebecca De Mornay’s surprisingly laughter-burst cameo is right on time.

Clearly boys are aging much well than their counterpart girl mates, which means both physical and psychological age, and there will always be a copious supply of luscious high school hotties coming on their way for straight horny males, while 30-ish girls/women could only be sidelined as wallflowers unless you’re Mornay or Coolidge, whose cups of tea are beyond one’s average nous (toy boy and widower respectively).

Along with the trends of HANGOVER series and Judd Apatow era, AMERICAN REUNION is retrospectively profitable with its core audience’s maturation, and if the future projects will keep the same pace, once in a decade, this franchise may thrive well as long as it will connect with the pulse of its generation.


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