[Film Review] My Week with Marilyn (2011)

Title: My Week with Marilyn
Year: 2011
Language: English
Country: UK, USA
Genre: Biography, Drama
Director: Simon Curtis
Adrian Hodges
Colin Clark
Music: Conrad Pope
Cinematography: Ben Smithard
Michelle Williams
Eddie Redmayne
Kenneth Branagh
Zoë Wanamaker
Dominic Cooper
Judi Dench
Emma Watson
Julia Ormond
Dougray Scott
Derek Jacobi
Peter Wight
Toby Jones
Philip Jackson
Geraldine Somerville
Rating: 6.0/10

Another exemplar of a biographic mediocre interpretation, from UK director Simon Curtis, and suffers from its regulatory pressure of acting over the film itself (thinking of last year’s ALBERT NOBBS 2011 and THE IRON LADY 2011, as its likes, a over-crafted female leading performance overshadows the film’s own vitality).

The film has little strength to pin down the narrative style because of its less-than-spectacular history-based script, without any subversive conflict within its real-life characters, everything is carefully measured without being over-dramatic or derisive towards these celebrities. A toy boy tailored romantic with Marilyn is abrasively structured, there is skimpy attraction between them apart from raw, lecherous curious from Colin’s side and desperate catching a young dude for fun from Ms. Monroe’s part.

Michelle Williams continuously gives tremendous performances for nearly a decade (three Oscar nominations so far is superior among her peers), her entire outfit nearly resembles an impeccable verisimilitude of Marilyn (she and the team behind knows exactly how to hide her slightly chubby cheek from the camera as much as possible to blight the mimicry), the simple truth is that her big time has not arrived yet.

Eddie Redmayne’s role is very bad-written which also may cause his incapacity of proving his uniqueness as the main target. Kenneth Branagh is exerting his theatrical potency in spite of his inadequate similarity of appearance with Sir Laurence Olivier, but barely his career-best, despite of rendering some sizable comedic moments . My only wishful thinking is that if Dame Judi Dench had more screen time, she could have been a serious contender in the supporting category (as the funny-witty Dame Sybil Thorndike).

The re-enacting of THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL (1957) is the most enticing segment of it all, I can not vet the accuracy of the performances or settings, but one major fringe benefit for me is I am so eager to watch Monroe-Olivier’s original version!

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