[Film Review] The Muppets (2011)

Title: The Muppets
Year: 2011
Language: English
Country: USA
Genre: Family, Comedy
Director: James Bobin
Jason Segel
Nicholas Stoller
Jim Henson
Music: Christophe Beck
Cinematography: Don Burgess
Jason Segel
Amy Adams
Chris Cooper
Rashida Jones
Steve Whitmire
Eric Jacobson
Dave Goelz
Bill Barretta
Jack Black
Alan Arkin
Zach Galifianakis
Jim Parsons
Sarah Silverman
Emily Blunt
Whoopi Goldberg
Selena Gomez
David Grohl
Neil Patrick Harris
Ken Jeong
John Krasinski
Rico Rodriguez
Mickey Rooney
Rating: 5.5/10

The reboot of the muppets’ franchise is a well-timed measure, since most of my generation and after has scanty idea of Kermit the frog and his devoted sidekicks. Saw the film on the plane, while the video quality is barely serviceable, but I can get the gist.

The film is a retrospective musical aiming to a very regional demography, which is unusual for a family Christmas flick, the reboot may not put its emphasis on attracting large part of the younger generation, which could be explained by its underwhelmed box-office for a Christmas hit ($88,631,237 lifetime gross is profitable but embarrassing), instead the traditional story-line and pre-teen designed perception could generally cater for the need in a satisfactory way, but otherwise, it is not a cash-burning production anyway.

Jason Segel and Amy Adams pair is lovable enough and their musical numbers are tender and joyful, Chris Cooper’s impromptu rap is self-aware and funny, although none of them could steal the thunder from the gang of muppets, with an awesome behind-the-camera puppeteers and voice rendition, as a newcomer, I could understand why it is a pop sensation for kids, my favorite is no doubt Ms. Piggy, a devil wears PRADA parody hasn’t dated yet.

Numerous cameos are requisite as the more the merrier, one noteworthy presence of Jim Parsons as the incarnation of Walter, our muppet hero, during the duet of MAN OR MUPPET, is the sheer highlights (sonically and optically), the Oscar-winning melody is reminiscent of the best of old Hollywood musicals, but still it’s not a film I could revel in.

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