[Film Review] The Lion King (1994)

Title: The Lion King
Year: 1994
Language: English
Country: USA
Genre: Animation, Adventure
Roger Allers
Rob Minkoff
Irene Mecchi
Jonathan Roberts
Linda Woolverton
Matthew Broderick
Jeremy Irons
James Earl Jones
Moira Kelly
Nathan Lane
Ernie Sabella
Robert Guillaume
Rowan Atkinson
Whoopi Goldberg
Niketa Calame
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Cheech Marin
Rating: 7.6/10

Who would believe this is my first time watch this classic Disney jewel in the crown and the location was ruefully in the plane. After last year’s mega-successful re-entering into 3D multiplexes, clearly it becomes more urgent for me to cancel it from my unfinished masterpiece list (there are more horrifying ones on my list which I wish I could show it here).

THE LION KING is a timeless artwork, it’s technical index could not remain its cutting-edge 2D advances in 1994, the story nevertheless is in perfect pitch for audience from every degree of ages, the HAMLET-inspired plot could feasibly find more evocation with adult groups while the colorful appealing is irresistible for youngsters. It’s an archetypal win-win Disney Animation. The narrative is tightly intriguing, the O.S.T. is top-notch although I can hardly admit Elton John’s voice is agelessly stunning but the tune of CIRCLE OF LIFE nostalgically strikes a chord to me (which serves as my initial introduction to the western pop music region).

Another great merit originates from Jeremy Irons’ hypnotically appealing British accent, which has transferred so much vigor to his villainous character. Apart from the theatrical outline, the bona fide comedic parts are also generous, the highlight without question belongs to “hakuna matata”, which has been elevated as a motto of life.

By far I could only give the film a 7.6 out 10, in the future maybe I can procure a second chance with at least a HD version (3D should be spared notwithstanding), THE LION KING is Disney’s apex of its 2D journey, and its longevity will testify that animation is an inseparable part of the family tree of film history, and it will always stun us commercially, technically and artistically.

Oscar 1994 - The Lion King


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