[Last Film I Saw] Guns N’Roses (2012)

English Title: Guns N’Roses
Original Title: Huang Jin Da Jie An 黄金大劫案
Year: 2012
Language: Chinese
Country: China
Genre: Comedy, Action
Director: Hao Ning 宁浩
Aina Xing 邢爱娜
Ruirui He 何瑞睿
Xiaojun Yue 岳小军
Hongwei Wang 王红卫
James Yuen 阮世生
Music: Nathan Wang 王宗贤
Cinematography: Fei Zhao 赵非
Jianyin Lei 雷佳音
Hong Tao 陶虹
Yuanyuan Cheng 程媛媛
Tao Guo 郭涛
Wei Fan 范伟
Chun Sun 孙淳
Hua Liu 刘桦
Keiichi Yamasaki
Lifan Dong 董立范
Bo Huang 黄渤
Xiaojun Yue 岳小军
Rating: 6.2/10

Watched this film on Mother’s Day with mom and auntie, and my first Chinese film in 2012 from the young talented sensation, Hao Ning, who has been acclaimed as the savior of the contemporary Chinese film mishap because of his sleeper hit CRAZY STONE (2006), a low-budget crime-comedy, which combines the acumen of Guy Ritchie’s gangster hotchpotch and provincial domestic slapstick.

But his previous work NO MAN’S LAND (2013) has been left on the shelf owing to the ill-fated disapproval from the bureau censorship (the reason behind is a moot point), and hasn’t been released yet, so GUNS N’ROSES seems to be a vital correction to cater for a safe passage for the market and one should doubt the content of compromise’s existence and what’s more essential, how much?

The film is medium letdown when juxtaposed with CRAZY STONE, the narrative is shrunk into a straightforward rite-of-passage of a young man’s identity swap from street hooligan to a revolutionist, while unfortunately being cliche-ridden and Ning’s comedic flicker pops up rather occasionally, which is the major setback, also aside from Jianyin Lei’s protagonist, other character depiction is quite stereotyped and all the lines are by and large plain and moderately kitschy.

Obviously Ning has learnt a good lesson to acquire the survive principle of the game, and the film is generally acceptable and is able to entertain a considerable size of local audience, blending tragedy and comedy is a delicate job, Ning’s capacity is adequate but it is sheerly not satisfactory according to his surging domestic fame. But its box-office boost is a precious outcome being against Hollywood mega-invader THE AVENGERS (2012), which shows that Ning has firmly built up his own brand successfully and his successive moves are more arresting than the film itself, anyway, so far so good!

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