[Film Review] The Avengers (2012)

Title: The Avengers
Year: 2012
Country: USA
Language: English, Russian
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Director/Writer: Joss Whedon
based on the story of Zack Penn and Jack Kirby
Music: Alan Silvestri 
Cinematography: Seamus McGarvey
Robert Downey Jr.
Chris Evans
Mark Ruffalo
Chris Hemsworth
Scarlett Johansson
Jeremy Renner
Tom Hiddleston
Clark Gregg
Cobie Smulders
Samuel L. Jackson
Stellan Skarsgård
Gwyneth Paltrow
Alexis Denisof
Paul Bettany
Jerzy Skolimowski
Ashley Johnson
Harry Dean Stanton
Stan Lee
Rating: 5.4/10

Harboring a great deal of expectation of this record-breaking multi-superhero-in-a-row action mash-up, I finally caught up the last chance to watch it on the big screen, but unfortunately the film has indomitably become my very first disappointment in 2012.

Alerted by the general opinion of “if you can survive the boring first 60 minutes, the latter part will blow you away”, maybe “boring” is a lesser word, the inter-conversations among these superheroes are way too tedious to arouse any interest, and in light of my last encounter with THOR (2011), I know he is a boredom, then here comes his worsen twin, Captain America, so it is dumb and dumber situation. Most of characters are reprising their usual roles, Robert Downey Jr.’s sleekness is being harnessed into its maximum quota. So I assume the only revelation could come from Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, the newcomer on screen, and the third candidate of Hulk, Mark Ruffalo, but the truth is they might be a clear torrent, but cannot save this juggernaut from being a destroy-it-all dross.

The fighting scenes are the saving grace here which is not a false claim, but it satisfies my eyes without compensates my soul, director Joss Whedon just haphazardly levels everything in Manhattan without any single casualty provided to imply its minimum credibility. No worries at all, we simply witnessed an empty and meaningless catastrophe without any mind activity as we all know Iron Man will not be the sacrifice as a sequel is already set on a release date. Thus, am I over-demanding here? After the invasion of myriads of this sort of big-budget action flicks, THE AVENGERS is no way a standout by any means, none of its actors could stick out with any arresting existence (I might be too desperate to count out Gwyneth Paltrow), Mark Ruffalo is the closest choice of a decent acting in it, all the rest is just the way he or she is, an utterly featherweight character study is the case here.

The gags are scarce (ooh, poor Loki), too much SCI-FI doctrines and the narrative in dead earnest (thanks to you, Mr. Samuel L. Jackson) makes the film’s lengthy screen time too overt to be slighted, and I waited until the end-credit rolled over, but a second bonus scenes never show off.

The film’s huge success has baffled me so much and its staggering status of the third biggest grossing film of all time (after AVATAR 2009 and TITANIC 1997) does make me do some solemn post-mortem to question my taste, the conclusion could be that I may be detached from the majority’s liking, which thankfully I believe heralds a good sign for me, right?



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