[Film Review] The Intouchables (2011)

The Intouchables poster

English Title: The Intouchables
Original Title: Intouchables
Year: 2011
Country: France
Language: French
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Olivier Nakache
Eric Toledano
Olivier Nakache
Eric Toledano
Music: Ludovico Einaudi
Cinematography: Mathieu Vadepied
François Cluzet
Omar Sy
Anne Le Ny
Audrey Fleurot
Clotilde Mollet
Alba Gaïa Kraghede Bellugi
Cyril Mendy
Dominique Daguier
François Caron
Thomas Solivéres
Dorothée Brière
Rating: 7.7/10

The film has been officially crowned as the most successful film in French domestic market (French’s much appreciated axiom preferring attendance over grosses), overthrew the 14-year reign of TITANIC (1997). An astonishing victory diametrically wins over the overpowering Hollywood tyranny which prevails in the world elsewhere.

Unlike another sensational but more provincial box-office mammoth victor WELCOME TO THE LAND OF SHTIS (2008), THE INTOUCHABLES nudges a more international vantage point, which may suggest a more wide acceptance than the former’s parochial stature. We are living in an imperfect world where people are classified as different classes by money, power and social status, the gaps are the invisible barriers deter the evolution of a more equalized and stable society, the film may not possess the magic spell to solve this conundrum, but it has its heartfelt innovation to allow any individual to witness a sincere friendship ignited between a pair with the least possibility.

Due to the language hurdle, there are plenty inside jokes which is difficult to comprehend for an outsider, but François Cluzet and Omar Sy are both equally recommendable, although Sy has an edge over since he dominates the most joyful parts and steadfastly handles the more poignant segment as well.

Directors-writers Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano show no rookie mistakes, and sufficiently exercise this true story to distill until its most theatrical fodder being left (although some antics are overdone, the lesbian deployment? There is no need to add gay element in every film), and embroider it with a slickly potent cast which reflects a concise judgement towards the kennel – we should treat each other indiscriminately as a human being, without any prejudice of differentiation of any sort.

Ludovico Einaudi’s piano score plays a significant role in the film as well, providing this enthralling journey with a passionate catharsis!

PS: The film and Omar Sy both end in my top 10 list of 2011!

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