[Film Review] Get Low (2009)

Get Low poster

Title: Get Low
Year: 2009
Country: USA, Germany, Poland
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Director: Aaron Schneider
Chris Provenzano
C. Gaby Mitchell
Scott Seeke
Music: Jan A.P. Kaczmarek
Cinematography: David Boyd
Robert Duvall
Sissy Spacek
Bill Murray
Lucas Black
Gerald McRaney
Bill Cobbs
Scott Cooper
Lori Beth Edgeman
Rating: 6.3/10

A main purpose of watching this indie film is to make my own decision if Robert Duvall has received a cold-shoulder for another Oscar-nomination, as it proves the film without any question is Mr. Duvall’s personal acting vehicle while the film itself is a rather hit-and-miss debut for director Aaron Schneider.

The entire film is being engulfed by the ominous tension to unveil what “on earth” had happened to the old gaffer who lives a secluded life like a prisoner in his own jailhouse for 40 years. While using his own (alive) funeral as a stunt to gather more attention from local people (plus a more lucrative chance to inherit his property after his death).

First of all, the visual techniques are prosaic and so is the screenplay, by which many characters are undermined (e.g. Bill Murray and Lucas Black), especially for Murray, his role could have been excavated more since the fodder seems ample and quaint.

The revelation feel contrived and not worthy of all the hyperbole, and so is the funeral, which looks more like a hasty, confessional convention plus a glimpse of a mannered lottery. Not only the unearthed truth does not live up to all the expectation, the ending is also somewhat bland in which things ensue in a rash motion and the final pathos is being compromised.

So the plucky and ultra-venerable cast is the backbone of this otherwise dreary indie, Mr. Duvall is excellent enough to dominate all the curmudgeon foibles, and the showboating speech at the funeral is a rare heart-felting rendition, he is currently my No. 5 in the leading actor list (but I haven’t seen Jeff Bridge’s Oscar-winning CRAZY HEART 2009 yet).

Veteran Murray and Spacek also has their moments which may not be assure a front-runner buzz, but an unbending glare cannot be dismissed.


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