[Last Film I Saw] Game Change (2012)

Title: Game Change
Year: 2012
Language: English
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, History
Director: Jay Roach
Mark Halperin
John Heillemann
Danny Strong
Julianne Moore
Woody Harrelson
Ed Harris
Sarah Paulson
Ron Livingston
Peter MacNicol
Jamey Sheridan
David Barry Gray
Larry Sullivan
Bruce Altman
Alex Hyde-White
Brian Howe
Melissa Farman
Rating: 8.5/10

The truth is, before watching this film, I didn’t even know how Sarah Palin looks like, and as apolitical as I am, I just briefly googled some pics of her before watching this HBO’s TV-film, but still Moore’s look-alike is plainly stunning, such a high-profiled bio-pic is no doubt a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity for her. And boy, she has nailed down that woman from the first shot and never let her go. This is so far Moore’s most challenging role, since Palin is a domestic mega-celebrity (maybe also internationally) and her ridiculous campaign yarn has taken place merely 4 years ago, the repercussions are scarcely ebbed, and against all adds, Moore’s interpretation is more than successful, what she does is not just accurate mimicry, but in a subtle and elusive way to treat her character with captivating charisma and diminish a mainly derogatory undertone which could have been taken for granted.

Directed by Jay Roach (MEET THE PARENTS 2000 and MEET THE FOCKERS 2004), lends this contentious political farce the most intriguing character development thread, following Sarah Palin’s step-by-step metamorphosis into a national laughing-stock, but with dignity and meticulousness. But Palin is not the only character with brio, Woody Harrelson’s Steve Schmidt is also the core of the film, his onlooker status does’t curtain himself from being a secondary cipher, his perspective towards Palin has also experienced a drastic transition, and despite of his baldness, Harrelson has never resigned from his boldness to be the elite of McCain’s brain trust. Ed Harris’McCain, may falls into a too comprehensive outlook, in lack of a deeper scrutinization into his various levels of personalities, but after all it is not his biopic, Harris is stupendous in his relatively shorter screen time. Moore, Harrelson and Harris all procure their Emmy nominations and Moore will no doubt take the honour since she is peerless this time, and the fourth acting nomination is for Sarah Paulson, whose suited-up adviser Nicolle Wallace is pitch-perfect in her face-off with Palin, her final vote is tellingly comforting.

As the “Palin gone rogue”is the overt spoiler and this film is not about an underdog winner, it is a political caricature of losers, which does not disqualify itself become a flexibly soulful and excellently diverting film, my only bellyaching is if it had been released as a theatrical film, Moore will definitely get her flipping overdue Oscar!

Oscar 2012 - Game Change


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