[Film Review] The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

Title: The Witches of Eastwick
Year: 1987
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Director: George Miller
John Updike
Michael Cristofer
Music: John Williams
Cinematography: Vilmos Zsigmond
Jack Nicholson
Susan Sarandon
Michelle Pfeiffer
Veronica Cartwright
Richard Jenkins
Keith Jochim
Carel Struycken
Rating: 5.3/10

When a devil’s avatar inadvertently being summoned by a trinity of 3D women (Cher, dead-husbanded; Sarandon, divorced; Pfeiffer, deserted) in the Eastwick as the paragon of the man of their dreams (Nicholson, who would believe that?), this comedy-horror has reveled in its runaway pulp fondness, occasionally sprinkled with a few trashy SFX, but the overall consensus is that it could pamper to a certain female-skewed audience (who are zealous about woman’s independence), but by and large it fails to conjure up a first-class piece of work and more regrettably the characters are really underwritten, a dream-team cast is squandered (Sarandon at least plausibly fares all right with a transformative presence, while Cher and Pfeiffer barely shine in their goofiness and tediousness).

First billed in the film, Nicholson continues his lucky streak in horror-maniac breed since his emblematic creepiness in THE SHINING (1980), whose inexplicable sex appeal has never been fully expounded, yet, all three women plain fall for him all of a sudden (maybe this is love’s magic attribute). Then the polygamy orgy doesn’t last long since (again inexplicably), a local woman (Cartwright, who unbelievably gives the best performance of the film) has been possessed by the devil and does some sort of tele-simultaneous stunts (in a pretty disgusting manner) and slaughtered by her bleeding heart husband. So 3D women apparently are shocked and start to doubt the real identity of their ideal man, who on the other hand, feels being snubbed by them and discharges a fit of torment on them and eventually 3D women unanimously fight back and voodoo the devil and manage to dispel him, later on their live happily with their children (who are the devil’s seeds) while the devil is incarcerated inside the multi-TV screens.

My recount is as inconsequent as the film goes, but there are my guilty pleasure moments, e.g. the near-end of Nicholson being witched by his own tele-simultaneous tricks, but the blithe spell is too short to be pleased by. Anyway it is glad to see director George Miller (from MAD MAX franchise) has re-regulated his career orbit, now he is the one running the show of animations, the Oscar winning HAPPY FEET (2006) is under his belt, which I could not have foreseen from this film in any event.

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