[Last Film I Saw] Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

Wreck-It Ralph poster

Title: Wreck-It Ralph
Year: 2012
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Director: Rich Moore
Phil Johnston
Jennifer Lee
Rich Moore
Jim Reardon
John C. Reilly
Sarah Silverman
Jack McBrayer
Jane Lynch
Alan Tudyk
Mindy Kaling
Ed O’Neill
Dennis Haysbert
Joe Lo Truglio
Rachael Harris
Rating: 7.3/10

A 3D cinema-going for the weekend of this latest Disney animation (by the luckiest chance I found one in its mother tongue). Being mainly ignorant towards the video games territory, which surprisingly did’t impede my joyous time with this well-manufactured cartoon.

Disney has cleverly introduced a novel space of wonders (especially towards the 1980-1990 generations who are the mostly reminiscent of the 8-bit video games era), and has conjured up a magical and colorful world with our anti-hero, Wreck-it Ralph, a villain in his game arcade pining for the penthouse life and admiration which belongs to the customary hero (Fix-it Felix). Then the storyline meanders into a default hiccup when Ralph is devoted to grab a medal to alter his villainous destiny, which for me is a bit befuddling (perhaps due to my void of background information) and stands as the low point of the film (for me at least), nevertheless, when the chief setting alters to the saccharine Sugar Rush, the film also speeds up by introducing our anti-heroine, Vanellope, a girl glitch in the game’s system, who has her heart set on winning the race car competition and becoming a regular member of the game. A natural bond between these two unorthodox characters has slowly connected, with some unexpected twist in the plot (which is supposedly looming during the mid-time but executed with a quite cogent measurement). Friendship has to be tested, and a final battle is in the offing, a foreshadowing Alien-esque invasion looks like a proper payoff.

The sidekicks are a tad less interesting compared with Disney’s other ventures (and don’t be deluded by the poster, most of the fringe characters on it have only cameos in the film) notwithstanding, the great technique of the picture (the 3D effects are also aptly conducted, at least I didn’t feel giddy this time) and a not-too-star-studded but pleasantly ear-friendly voice cast should be felicitous compensations (I had put my high hope in Jane Lynch but the high point must be granted to Sarah Silverman). Thus, seriously it is a potent contender for the BEST ANIMATED FEATURE FILM.

p.s.: there was an opening 7-minutes black and white animation short PAPERMAN (2012) by John Kahrs which is also an exquisite treat for its romantic context.


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