[Last Film I Watched] Crime Busters (1977)

Crime Busters poster

English Title: Crime Busters
Original Title: I due superpiedi quasi piatti
Year: 1977
Country: Italy, USA
Language: Italian
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Director/Writer: Enzo Barboni
Guido De Angelis
Maurizio De Angelis
Cinematography: Claudio Cirillo
Terence Hill
Bud Spencer
David Huddleston
Luciano Catenacci
Riccard Pizzuti
Laura Gemser
Jill Flanter
April Clough
Ezio Marano
Luciano Rossi
Rating: 4.1/10

Crime Busters 1977

Dabbling into the Terence Hill and Bud Spencer (who just passed away June 2016) buddy action-comedy phenomenon flourished in the 70s, today’s audience nonetheless may find it too generic and languid to pass over as an adequate divertissement.

CRIME BUSTERS is the eleventh collaboration of the duo, honestly, their chemistry has been honed up to a certain winning template: Hill is the blond, handsome, lean and wide-eyed pretty boy type whereas Spencer is the taciturn, burly, tough heavy whom you don’t want to rub up in the wrong way.

In Miami, Wilbur (Spencer) and Matt (Hill) are two unemployed longshoremen whose slipshod supermarket-robbery plan implausibly forces them into joining the police department’s training program and becoming “crime busters” themselves! Matt wins the trust of their supervisor Captain McBride (Huddleston), who deems Wilbur as a lumpen maverick who persistently refuse to shave his beard. Fistfight set pieces are moderately interlaced into the clunky narrative, but they are borderline somnolent and repetitive. The subplot introducing a presumed Chinese family (what they blabber is neither Mandarin nor Cantonese) is exotica for its own sake. A trenchant testimony that 70s is a purgatory of atrocious exploitation and typecast for womenfolk in film industry, through a wooden Laura Gemser as Susy Lee, and two blatantly voluptuous and outrageously histrionic seductresses Galina (Flanter) and Angie (Clough).

CRIME BUSTERS is a lowbrow fare with no higher aims apart from its crude slapstick antics, it makes one wonder whether the duo is merely a one-trick-pony keeps churning out their products before their luck runs out, unfortunately, one needs much more than that fillip to give their work a second try, not in my foreseeable future, to say the very least.

Oscar 1977  Crime Busters


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